T33854a_321b5cfe400ffe3491bb31e6ed8bc0cbhe book of First Corinthians reveals that the Christian life is not to be a singular effort. We are to be a part of a whole body of people called the family of God. A Life Group is a place where the true intent of what it means to be brothers and sisters in Christ is practiced and demonstrated. The purpose of a Life Group is to build relationships through loving, supportive, and extortive Christians who help each other through the Holy Spirit to grow in their love, knowledge, and obedience to Jesus Christ  A Life Group is not a social meeting or a club, but it is a Christ-centered ministry opportunity. The One Another commandments found in the New Testament are the building stones to a Care Fellowship. We are to: Love one another… Bear one another’s burdens … Comfort one another … Admonish and instruct one another … Exhort one another … Confess our faults to one another … Pray for one another … Be kind to one another … Forbear one another in love. Being in a Life Group of Christians and non-Christians where we can actually accomplish these things is what the Christian lifestyle is all about.