Carlos Martin was called into ministry at the age of 12, where he has being serving with his father Bishop Leon Martin of Love, Peace and Happiness Church “One Church in Multiple Locations”. In 1989 he served as the church praise and worship leader. June 1995 he was ordained as a Youth Pastor by Bishop Leon Martin, where he ministered to over 200 young people weekly. In January 2005, he was installed as a Pastor of Love, Peace and Happiness Family of Rialto where he and his lovely wife Fatima have answered the call upon their lives.

He attributes most of his work with ministering to youth & leading worship throughout the US, running successful businesses, and serving God, Family, Church and Community. Thousands of souls have been healed, delivered, set free, and restored, through his ministry as a worship leader and teacher.

In 2006 Pastor Carlos Martin birthed a vision to Love one block at a time calling it Love-A-Block, this unique style of evangelism has been a success and other ministries are grasping hold to this simple but powerful and non-confrontational approach in presenting the gospel. Emphasis is placed on showing the love of God in helpful ways, which in turn, opens avenues to people’s hearts. Carlos Martin is addressing both the practical and spiritual benefits to this type of outreach and how it can become “doable” in any church touching many lives and saving souls. Carlos’ talks are enriching, humorous, and filled with creative incentives to “…love thy neighbor.…”

With over 25 years in ministry his congregation is now ministering to many people weekly with a strong emphasis on servant evangelism, ministering to youth, caring for seniors and the needy. The church is touching lives throughout the city of Rialto and the Inland Empire. Over 300 families are being served weekly with meals, groceries, clothes, and different acts of love with its Love-A- Block and servant evangelism program.

Pastor Carlos and his wife Fatima are the owners of Managing Lives 4 Success, LLC and Hope 4 You Residential Care. He and his wife are presently proud parents of 5 their loving children.